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1092032254 - 2.5-10 33M            $64.99

1092032247 - 60/100-12 36M     $79.99

1092032230 - 60/100-14 29M     $89.99

1092032223 - 70/100-17 40M     $99.99

1092032216 - 70/100-19 42M     $109.99

1091032209 - 80/100-21 51R      $136.99

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Product information "MX 1.1 FRONT"

GIBSON® MX 1.1 - the track-following all-rounder.

Developed for the high demands of professional MX sport, the Crosslink technology with its additional bracing between the outer lugs guarantees the highest possible stability, optimum lean angle and secure ground contact.
Steering precision and directional stability after hard landings on soft as well as on mixed surfaces characterize the GIBSON® TECH MX 1.1 just as much as the excellent grip and the pronounced durability.
Available in six different dimensions, the GIBSON® TECH MX 1.1 is optimized for different track conditions and can be used on surfaces ranging from soft to medium-hard.

  • Competition tire -for the motocross professional and ambitious sports riders

  • the narrow construction is perfect for fast and narrow approach roads

  • top stability, lateral control and directional stability even in extreme lean angles

  • recommended for all types of ground, except hard ground

  • ultra light construction and soft carcass construction guarantee high elasticity

  • high proportion of tread in contact with the ground

  • also available in the relevant junior cross sizes

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