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1093030281 - 90/90-21            $160.99

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Product information "TECH 8.1 FRONT"

GIBSON® TECH 8.1 Standard - for fast Enduro tracks & tests.


This front tire is the cross-sectionally, flat version of the Triology in the family of GIBSON Enduro front tires.
It combines extreme directional stability with exceptional durability. The GIBSON® TECH
8.1 is optimized for different surfaces and can be used on soils from "soft" to "hard". It can therefore be driven on light and heavy soils alike and finds its target with incredible steering precision.
The dimensions of the GIBSON® TECH 8.1 comply with FIM regulations and it has ECE-R75 and DOT approvals. This tire has also proven itself in numerous applications on hard surfaces in motocross.

  • Competition tire - for professional drivers and ambitious amateurs

  • the flatter construction is perfect for fast special stages

  • recommended for tight turns on grass and soft ground

  • robust and durable compound with excellent all-round profile

  • very good grip with long service life

  • reliable over long distances

  • road legal and FIM approved

  • meets ECE-R75 and DOT certification requirements

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