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MX 4.1 Factory Rear 


1096010119 - 110/90-19           $209.99

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The GIBSON®TYRE TECH "Factory-Tyre" was developed especially for professional competition use. All FACTORY tires are maximally heat resistant and resistant to dynamic loads.
These excellent competition tires are specifically designed for professional racing use thanks to their special rubber compound and the construction of the carcass with a special polyester fabric, as they offer maximum load capacity with unbeatable control.

  • Competition tire -for the MX Masters and World Championship professional

  • is ridden by riders of the KMP Honda Germany team and Leon Hentschel

  • special, harder rubber compound with an A-Shore hardness of 82

  • carcass fabric insert made of polyester

  • extremely durable and heat resistant

  • Applicable on all ground conditions - also limited for hard ground

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