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1093033350 - 140/80-18            $188.99

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Product information "TECH 6.2 REAR"

GIBSON® TECH 6.2 Standard - for competitions and daily use.


The TECH 6.2 is the Enduro rear tire that can be used for all FIM & official Enduro competitions on dry and soft surfaces. Combined with the GIBSON Mousse "soft", it develops the perfect contact patch with its 140 width, which is irreplaceable for difficult passages and steep slopes to master the round as a winner.
In the standard version, it is the perfect everyday tire and enduro all-rounder. All versions of the Enduro tires GIBSON® TYRE TECH 6.2 comply with FIM-
regulations and are characterized by low weight and excellent grip even during long use.

  • Versatile tire - for the sporty ambitious amateur rider

  • very good traction even on steep climbs

  • long durability thanks to a harder rubber compound than the TECH 6.2

  • perfect for off-road & on-road use in alternation

  • street legal and FIM approved

  • meets ECE-R75 and DOT certification requirements

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