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My name is Matthew Stokes, I'm 18 years old, from Boissevain, MB. I started riding when I was 3, and racing when I was 4. I am now the owner & head coach of Stokes Training, as well as a professional racer around the world. I have won multiple provincial & state championships and have finished top 10 at the Walton Transcan 3 times, with a best of 8th in 250 Intermediate in 2022. I have competed in Canadian & New Zealand Pro Nationals. I coach a group of roughly 30 riders!!


New Image TransCanada Motorsports Racing was formed in 2019 with the goal of supporting a professional women’s motocross team to compete at select events across Canada. The creation of this program was to fill a void within the sport of women’s motocross in regards to the lack of professional teams and sponsorship opportunities available to female racers in comparison with their male counterparts. Team Owner/Manager Lawrence Hamm wanted to provide a platform through which talented female riders were able to elevate their skills, and gain support to allow them to compete at a national level. In 2022, New Image Racing competed at the Canadian Thor WMX Nationals, in which three of its four riders finished within the top 20 in the country. 

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Bailey Orbanski, age 16, is from Arborg, MB and is the youngest rider of New Image Racing. She has been racing all around North America, competing in a variety of events including the 2019 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship in Girls 11-16. Bailey has earned multiple Manitoba provincial titles, and earned her first podium at the National level this year in the 2nd Women’s moto at the TransCan. At 2022 Thor WMX Western Nationals, she placed 6th overall with her best finish coming at Round 1 in Kamloops (4th OA).

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2023 NATIONAL #10W


Camryn Horbaty, age 20, is from Tyndall, MB. She competes in motocross, hare scrambles, and single-track woods racing around Canada and the US. Camryn has won multiple championships over the course of her racing career, including the 2019 Border Battle XC Championship (Women’s) and the 2022 204Grassroots Women’s Class Championship. Camryn also placed 10th Overall at the 2022 Thor WMX Western Nationals, with her best finish coming in Round 3 at Pilot Mound (8th OA).

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Megan, age 17, is the younger of the two Hamm sisters on New Image Racing. She has been riding since age 2, and first competed at the age of 5. Megan has raced all across Canada and the US, earning multiple Manitoba provincial titles along the way in the Little Ladies class. Megan finished 14th in the 2022 Thor WMX Nationals, with her best finish coming in Round 3 at Drumheller (13th OA).

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Michaela, age 23, is the older of the two Hamm sisters on New Image Racing. She has been riding dirt bikes since age 2, and has been racing since age 7. Over the years Michaela has won multiple provincial championships in Manitoba, and even competed at the 2011 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship in the Girls 9-11 class. She currently competes at the Thor WMX Nationals here in Canada, with her best finish coming in 2020 when she tied for 5th in the series standings.

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Nixon, age 9, is from MacDonald, MB. Nixon started racing at the age of 7 and riding dirt bikes at the age of 5. The 2022 race season was his first full season where he finished 5th overall in the 204 Grassroots Motocross Series in the 50cc 7-8 class. He also competed in the first ever WCAN in Brandon finishing 8th overall, and 6th overall at the amateur day at the Triple Crown in Pilot Mound. Nixon is looking forward to moving up to 65's next year.

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Jordan Gledhill here! I have been riding dirt bikes for 19 years and have been a professional Freestyle motocross for the last 5 years. I came from duck tape graphics kit and riding bikes that were over 20 years old, while trying to compete against brand new bikes. After 10 years of straight racing, I started to realize that it was not my true passion. At the age of 17 years old, I decided to take a different path. To become a professional Freestyle Motocross Rider.

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